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BitSec Secure Folder for Windows

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lock hide and autocrypt windows folder with a password.Better than Turecrypt software

* Encrypt files and folders on-the-fly with 128-bit AES encryption.

* Hide any number of files and folders easily and quickly.

* The startup and uninstallation process is password-protected.

* Ability to protect under Windows Safe Mode.

* Easy and safe encryption key management.

* Auto-logoff after a period of specalfic time.

* Prevent others from deleting bitsec's components to break protection on your privacy.

* Stealth mode can hide all bitsec's component, others have no chance to know bitsec is protecting your private folders.

* Import/export folder list let you reinstall your machine without worry about be difficult to reuse protected folders.

* Export folder let you quickly copy your protected folder's content to other place such as the backup directory and removable disk.

* Protect folders on removable disk.

* Supports FAT/FAT32/NTFS.

* Supports XP/Server 2003/vista/win7/win8.

The Best Folder Security Software in the world!

Protected folders by BitSec Secure Folder cannot be deleted, can prevent unauthorized read and write operations, a simple and modern style interface lets users to easily manage a large number of folders, the software's self-protect and run in stealth mode make the protect on folders more secure.

Any body who has important files to be protect and encrypted need this software.


  • easy lock hide,auto-crypt folders with a password.


  • Not mount as a file disk.But it works as windows's EFS or private folder software supplied by microsoft.


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BitSec Secure Folder


BitSec Secure Folder 2.9.0 for PC


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    Bitsec Secure Folder Delives As Promised!.
    BitSec Secure Folder software delivers what it promises. To name a few of the featuresMore

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